Women’s Watch Faces for Samsung Galaxy Watch

As a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active lover, and as a woman, I’ve been searching the internet for watch faces that appeal to my female nature. I’m in love with this Michael Kors watch (pic on the side of this page), and I actually considered going with a traditional watch. However, I find that smart watches give wonderful insight into our lives and wellness, so I was really delighted when Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch Active because it was the perfect watch for me. I thought I’d share watch faces I love since it took me a while to find ones I completely loved. If you’ve never used Facer, just make an account and download the app on your watch. This post has no affiliate links or anything like that—I just really wanted to share my favourite watch faces with fellow fashionistas.

Here are a few of my favourite girlie ladies watch faces from Facer.


Flower Child

Arrow Rose Gold

Speedster Rosé


Peach Water

Rose Gold Sparkle

Starry Rose Gold


WPS Rose Roman

Pretty Pink Peonies 

WPS Paris Pink Roses Roman



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