Business Cards

Business Cards


Professionally designed business card template. Must be printed separately.


Every business needs a signature. Business cards are a unique way to show potential clients (or other professionals) who you are, what you do, and why it should matter to them.


Print-ready business cards will have crop/bleed and all other printer’s marks.


Sample Business Cards


If you would like them to be printed for you, they can be, and will be delivered to you by a third-party printer.

Cards can have a front and back, but please bare in mind this often costs extra when being printed.

Since printing is 3rd party, costs will NOT be shown. This will be discussed separately, upon ordering.

Get your cards printed at VistaPrint:

500 Business Cards for $9.99 + 40-50% Off Premium Papers, Shapes and Sizes

What you get: PSD file that can be edited by another designer. Full bleed/crop design (this means that printers will easily be able to print the design, without improper cropping). PDF and JPEG images.

Time: Roughly 2-5 days depending on how busy I currently am.




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