Book Publishing Kindle/Amazon/iBooks Premium Package

Book Publishing Kindle/Amazon/iBooks Premium Package


This package includes:

  • A fully-formatted e-book in PDF, epub, and kindle formats
  • A fully-formatted PDF and Createspace book
  • Help publishing onto the following platforms: iBooks, Kindle, and Amazon Createspace
  • Troubleshooting for these platforms
  • An ebook and print book cover, professionally designed


As a writer, I understand the importance of straightforward and visually appealing book design. I am greatly satisfied whenever I complete a new book cover, or watch a book go from formatting to printed copy. Because of this, I take great care in my book design. This package is designed for self-publishing authors that have already finished their manuscripts, have had their books edited, and are ready for the final step. This includes having your book published. I have experience with both non-fiction and fiction works. This is ideal for persons that are new to book publishing – but can also benefit those that have published several works.

This package is designed to be an all-inclusive experience to get your book ready for market. All that’s missing is your work of art!