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The benefit of having a Nova Scotia Web Designer, is that I know your audience. I know the differences between a business in Halifax, Sydney, or the South Shore. I know that there are different price-points for these locations, and I certainly know that Nova Scotian businesses could use websites that help encourage tourism and local consumers alike. The nuanced nature of Nova Scotia is important in web and social media — and, because I’m from Nova Scotia, I pay particular attention to the needs of your business.

Why should you feel compelled to have a website from a Nova Scotia Web designer? In today’s marketplace, you can certainly hire a web designer anywhere in the world. This may be an appealing option when considering price-points or availability. A different time zone can offer a different level of service. However, there comes some risk with hiring a long distance designer — even if that designer is on the other side of this country.

A Nova Scotia Web Designer understands your marketplace, and understands the local business climate.

While local businesses, especially in rural Nova Scotia may have a hard time believing that a website is important for their day to day operations, it’s important to realize that many consumers are making web searches for products locally, and are more apt to purchase these products that they have researched. If you’re not listed, you may be handing off business to Walmart, Amazon, or your competitor. The best way to not be noticed is to not be a part of the conversation.

Websites are primarily designed to let people know who and what your business is. A website is the virtual extension of your storefront — but it’s also an ideal way to connect to your customers and share your vision, values, and the best of your portfolio. You may not have enough time to explain to every customer that walks through your doors what makes you special, but on the web, that message can always be available, 24/7. Your website helps you engage with your customers while you’re at home making dinner, at your daughter’s soccer practice, or even while you’re in the store assisting other customers!

Google, Facebook, and the web is not going away – and with more and more users on websites like Facebook, you need to be ready to engage with people that are closer than you think. According to Mobile Syrup, Facebook has 23 million Facebook users a month. This includes users of all ages and demographics. More than likely, it includes people looking for your service. Can they find you?

You’re probably thinking “Great! People use Facebook, so I’ll make a Facebook page and then I’ll save on the cost of web design”.

It is true that Facebook pages are free – but without pages to link to, interesting content, and professionally designed advertisements, photos, and page covers – what is going to differentiate your business from somebody else’s? The world of digital advertising can be an exciting new frontier for small business. Instead of worrying about hundreds of dollars for one radio ad or print ad, you can share your business quickly, to the world, for a much lower price.

But, if everybody is sharing their content quick easy and free, this means that you need to be able to stand out. A professional designer can turn your basic social media posts and website into more than just a landing page – it is your chance to control the conversation about your business. An extension of your livelihood’s most unique and memorable characteristics. A Nova Scotia web designer does more than share information – we share your message.

Websites are an important landing page for your business. When somebody wants to buy a product locally, they are likely to google search for the product.

Do you search “shirts at Walmart” or “buy shirts in Halifax(or whatever area you are in). Of course you search for the second one! While it was one thing to be found when people search your business, it is another entirely to be found when people search for a specific product. According to Search Engine Land, “local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day”. Being listed on Google, having a website with dynamic content that shows the value of your business, and having engaging social media content are all ways to help your business flourish in the digital economy.

Local businesses should have websites, just as international websites should – perhaps this is even more important. Walmart doesn’t necessarily need a website, because everybody knows Walmart is down the block, and that they sell certain products. If you want people to go to your store instead, you’re going to have to let them know that you have what they’re looking for. Whether you have a service such as accounting or a landscaping business, a website is a great way to show people what you’re offering and highlight why you’re the best choice for the job.

As a Nova Scotia web designer, I am passionate about helping businesses grow. There’s nothing worse than seeing your favourite shops close because there wasn’t enough business. While the internet can bring stark competition (Amazon, Walmart, etc), it’s also notable that many people would prefer to pick out their products and services within the next day. Brick and mortar still has a major impact. Businesses that are seasonal, such as sailing services* and Bed and Breakfasts can benefit too. Tourists that aren’t local need to be able to find you!

If you’re interested in my portfolio, you can find my past websites here. Also, feel free to contact with any questions or concerns. My main mission is to provide a valuable service for local businesses as they continue to work toward their dreams.

*One of my clients


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