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Please note, all packages are subject to discretion of the designer. These are provided as guidelines, as some projects may require more work than others, regardless of their “size”. 

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Websites aren’t just for international businesses.

Did you know up to 97% of customers search the web before making a purchase?


Running a business is hard. And expensive. We offer discounted website packages for Canadian businesses so that you can get back to what matters – running your business.


Not sure what kind of website you need? We’re happy to help! Free email or telephone consultation for prices and stylistic ideas!


With 10 years of experience, our web designer understands modern websites, and understands the needs of mobile and responsive web!


Hiring a designer that understands business in the Canada means you can rest assured your website appeals to your target audience

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Client Testimonials

Shaylynn is a wonderful designer! She listens to what you want, she does it quickly and she’s a pleasure to work with. Shaylynn truly delivers a product when so many others simply don’t!

Jennifer Brout
Misophonia Research

Shaylynn will surprise you. Her designs are a bit like my favourite artist Sharon Epic’s. You look once; hey, that’s cool. Then you see the piece again, live with it for a while, and realize that it’s Frikkin Perfect. Give this girl your time, attention and money, please. She’s wonderful, and worth every penny.

Laurie McInnis
I Can Do That! Errands

Shaylynn has designed a webpage for The Blind Spot that I am most pleased with and excited to introduce. She is creative, intuitive and patient, making sure every detail is balanced and attractive, producing results efficiently.

Theresa Hennessey
The Blind Spot

Shaylynn is great to work with and with all her experience makes the process so easy, she knew exactly what we were looking for.

Adrian Rogers
Cape Breton Sailing School
Shaylynn was always available and responded to questions quickly. She was very reassuring and gave great care to the project.
I very highly recommend East Coast designs to anyone needing a new or redesigned site!
Dr. Linda Girgis, M.D
Dr. Linda MD

The layout of the site is wonderful, and she picked my favorite color: pink! Overall, the design is simple but pretty, and easy to navigate.

Sharon Mousel
Misophonia Weekly