Get Your Website in Time for Maritime Tourism Season

tourism season website maritimes

As a web designer, I’m here to help you get your website ready for tourism in the maritimes. According to the government of NB, “Tourism contributed $605 million to the New Brunswick GDP in 2015” and in an increasingly digital world, if your business serves the tourism sector, it’s time to think about your web presence. 

Think about how you planned your last vacation. There are few venues that are safe from internet scrutiny, and many persons are unlikely to look offline for trips. If you want restaurants, hotels, shops, and vacation destinations, you’re likely to search on the web – and on a mobile phone. On the flip side, if your business isn’t showing up in a google search – you’ve already lost potential customers!

There are many businesses and services that benefit from having website services. Whether you run a restaurant, sailing business, clothing shop, or retail business, your business can benefit from the traffic that comes from tourism – and tourists generally use the internet to plan their trips!

When you google services for your area – what comes up? Does your business? Try searching without using the name of your business. If you run a restaurant – google “Best _____ Food in ______”. Does your business come up? If you already have a website and it’s not showing, you should look into SEO (search engine optimization) or consider having your website redesigned. If you don’t have a website, but have a facebook or social media page, you should consider adding a website to your conversation. Owning your own website means that you can control the conversation of your business.

Having a website ready for web and mobile devices for tourism season means that you can show your service to tourists that are searching for services just like yours.

On your website, a great way to increase tourism views is to pair with other local businesses and services. Having affiliate deals and partnerships with motels/hotels, restaurants, or boutiques, is a great way for both services to prosper. Another way to help everybody during tourism season is to provide recommendations on your website — such as your favourite beach spots, or tourism locales that only the locals know about.

If you’re looking for a website for tourism season — I’m offering 50% off local business website packages. Let’s have a wonderful summer!


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