Control Your Message With A Website

What happens when you google your name? Your business? Or, look for local providers of your skill or trade? If you don’t have a website, you’re likely not even a contender in the race. If you have a common name, you may not even be able to find yourself quickly on google. Controlling your message is important for any industry. Whether you are a blogger, a marketer, a baker, or other small business operator, the first place many go to to find people nowadays, is the internet. While social media is still important, people search for products and services via search engines.

Having a website is a great way to put everything in one place. Instead of persons having to piece together your brand or ideals by multiple links, a website is a one-place cache for everything that you believe is important.

Site Types

  • Ecommerce websites and stores
  • Social media type sites with full forums, profile photos etc
  • The ability to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and several other popular platforms
  • Full forum websites
  • Websites with chat functionalitya
  • Band websites
  • Websites with Youtube Integration
  • Writing websites
  • Blogs
  • Full news sites
  • Many others…

Prices and Rates

Fully-functional WordPress Website (up to 10 pages) – $250. Quick website without extra frills. Get started with no fuss, no muss. Great for bands, writers, or persons that just want a quick and easy website.

Websites: $20 per hour (and different additional costs based per project)

Ecommerce websites: $20 per hour (other costs based on project)

Web-copy (page writing): $10 per 800-1000 words, based on pages. Depending on content type this may be 1-4 pages.

Web-copy package 1: 10 pages $75 (1000 word page maximum)

Web-copy package 2: 15 pages $100 (1000 word page maximum)

Each page after will be $10 per page. Some-what flexible if your site only requires some pages, or if you have written the content and require somebody to clean it up. This is negotiable in this case.

Website logo and graphics: $5 per social media photo to share, $50 per logo (basic design with editable files). Included in regular pricing is photos found to go on pages.

For a full list please go to the rates page.


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