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5 tips for managing your wordpress site

5 Tips For Managing Your WordPress Website

Having your own website can be a daunting task. However, as a designer, I am here to help ensure that your website is running smoothly. While my basic plan does not include web support, it does include some help learning how to run your website. Running a website might seem scary at first, but luckily…
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how does the web design process work

How Does the Web Design Process Work?

So, you’re interested in having a website designed, but you’re a bit confused by the web design process. Don’t worry! That’s a common concern that new clients have. In other industries, the process is rather straight forward. With web design, you might not know exactly what you need or why, or you may not know…
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nova scotia web designer nova scotia websites

A Nova Scotia Web Designer Can Help Your Business

The benefit of having a Nova Scotia Web Designer, is that I know your audience. I know the differences between a business in Halifax, Sydney, or the South Shore. I know that there are different price-points for these locations, and I certainly know that Nova Scotian businesses could use websites that help encourage tourism and local…
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What is Web Hosting?

In order to use your domain you’re going to need Web hosting. Web hosting is a file server that holds all of the files used to build your website, and then serves them to the viewer via their web browsers. Not all hosting is created equally, and in order to host your website you will…
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Control Your Message With A Website

What happens when you google your name? Your business? Or, look for local providers of your skill or trade? If you don’t have a website, you’re likely not even a contender in the race. If you have a common name, you may not even be able to find yourself quickly on google. Controlling your message…
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