You Shouldn’t Have to Pay Your Web Designer Forever!

Some web designers have decided that they want their clients to be part of the fold for the rest of their lives. They do shady things like make sure your web domain is in their name, they don’t give you login access to your website, and they make sure that if you want any little…
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Why I’m Dropping Twitter—I mean “X” Marketing.

After purchasing Twitter, Elon Musk has made moves to change Twitter into some sort of “all out” everything app. Since then, he has deleted a lot of bots (for the best, true), but he’s also broken my APIs on all of my social media schedulers. Breaking the API isn’t a big deal. I could click…
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The Unseen Costs of TEMU and Why It’s Unethical

TEMU is a new Chinese shopping App similar to Wish and Aliexpress. The difference with TEMU, however, is that the app gamifies affiliate marketing, and encourages users to become pseudo-marketers, in cult-like communities who try to rope in every single one of their friends, acquaintances, and every person they have ever met. I’ve been spending…
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Radaar is the ONLY Social Media Manager You’ll Ever Need Again

I’ve been using Radaar for a couple years now, and I can’t say enough good things about this program. I looked for new solutions after Hootsuite raised their prices astronomically, and I honestly still can’t believe the value that Radaar provides. Radar is a social media manager (and content manager) that allows you to schedule…
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How To Stop Yourself Being “Hacked” On Facebook

I want to point out that most of the “hacking” on Facebook is actually not hacking at all, but is actually something called “duplicating”.

Never Hire A Company Saying They’ll Get You to #1 on Google

There are few lies that are more outrageous in life than a company or service-person telling you that, “by improving your SEO, we’ll get you to number 1 on Google”. The statement is not only absurd, but it’s a completely irrational bull-faced lie. Is my language strong enough to convince you that my eyes are…
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5 tips for managing your wordpress site

5 Tips For Managing Your WordPress Website

Having your own website can be a daunting task. However, as a designer, I am here to help ensure that your website is running smoothly. While my basic plan does not include web support, it does include some help learning how to run your website. Running a website might seem scary at first, but luckily…
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tourism season website maritimes

Get Your Website in Time for Maritime Tourism Season

As a web designer, I’m here to help you get your website ready for tourism in the maritimes. According to the government of NB, “Tourism contributed $605 million to the New Brunswick GDP in 2015” and in an increasingly digital world, if your business serves the tourism sector, it’s time to think about your web presence. …
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what is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing seems to be the current business trend that doesn’t show signs of stopping. Essentially, affiliate marketing is when you advertise, recommend, or promote a product on your website that falls in line with your business service. Then, the service you’re promoting pays you each time you make a sale. Through this method, you are…
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how does the web design process work

How Does the Web Design Process Work?

So, you’re interested in having a website designed, but you’re a bit confused by the web design process. Don’t worry! That’s a common concern that new clients have. In other industries, the process is rather straight forward. With web design, you might not know exactly what you need or why, or you may not know…
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