Author Services

As a writer, I understand how important your books are to you.

That’s why I offer a full range of services to new authors. These prices are reduced to help you get your foot in the door, and get past some of the hurdles of self-publishing or starting your career. 

These services are for new, or unestablished writers.

These reduced prices are for new authors to help them overcome hurdles of the industry. If you have sold over 10,000+ copies or are with a publishing house, please contact for those rates. Please note, content should be edited and ready to go. This does not include content. Hosting and web domains are separate, usually between $50-70 a year USD.

Get Started

This $400 website (normally $500) will get your website ready to go. This design includes an about me page, blog, and a page to advertise your books (up to 8 pages, not including blog) Built with WordPress, you’ll be ready to blog and engage with your market sooner than you think!


Get your EPUB and PDF, MOBI and CreateSpace files ready to go for epublishing. All files should be edited and ready to be formatted at this point. Books should be ready to go/edited before this step.


Your book deserves a professionally-designed cover, even on a budget! As a writer myself, I understand that no matter how hard we try, clients are always going to judge a book by its cover. Includes front and back cover so ready for both e and print publishing.


Includes all of the other mentioned services, with a huge discount. Get your full range of services and get your website, book cover, and book ready to go and be published. 1-2 month turn around time for this step (without delays).

Let’s get started!

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