Web Design

Running a local business is hard.

I want to make it easier. That’s why I offer 50% off the regular prices for the design needs of local business websites. With two different packages, I’m ready to help you grow your business and improve your web presence. I’ll also help you use your website when it’s finished so that you can make quick changes!


Highly-Modern Websites

Websites that are ready for the modern web landscape. 

Designed With WordPress

For the modern web user. Highly customizable, and ready to scale as you grow. With a never-ending plugin market-place, the sky is the limit for your site’s functionality.

Mobile-Ready and Responsive

Nowadays, it’s much rarer that customers are using a static computer. You need a website that’s mobile-ready. You can rest assured that your site is viewable on all devices.

Optimized for Social Media

As social media grows, it’s important that your business is ready to be shared on social media. With integrated sharing links, your website is ready to connect to customers wherever they go!

The sky is the limit for the type of services that require websites.

Site Types and Features

  • Ecommerce websites and stores
  • Social media type sites with full forums, profile photos
  • The ability to sign in with Facebook, Twitter
    Google+ and several other popular platforms
  • Full forum websites
  • Websites with chat functionality
  • Band websites
  • Websites with Youtube Integration
  • Writing websites
  • Blogs
  • News/Entertainment Sites
  • And anything you could imagine.

What’s Web Hosting?

Web hosting is where you put your website. Think of it as owning the land where you put your house and furniture. Your domain name is your address, and your hosting holds the content. Hosting costs between $70 and $100 a year. I can recommend hosting that will be beneficial to your business, or I can offer hosting plans with maintenance services. Either way, you can be confident that you’re in good hands.


Why do you need a website?

Did you know up to 97% of customers search the web before making a purchase? In today’s market, the internet is a major resource for companies and services. Websites help you control your message to the public. Without a website, you may be losing out on potential customers!

While templates may seem like the best place to start when searching for a website there can be a lot of unanswered questions. How big do you think your site will be? Is your business local, national, international?

Do you know how to get listed locally on Google? Will your website have adequate terms to be found on the web? Past these decisions – you must also have a website that loads quickly or visitors will click off. The look of your site matters, but only if people can get to it first. I frequently offer 50% off deals for local businesses!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Shaylynn is a wonderful designer! She listens to what you want, she does it quickly and she’s a pleasure to work with. Shaylynn truly delivers a product when so many others simply don’t!

Jennifer Brout

Misophonia Research

The layout of the site is wonderful, and she picked my favorite color: pink!  Overall, the design is simple but pretty, and easy to navigate.

Sharon Mousel

Misophonia Weekly

Shaylynn is great to work with and with all her experience makes the process so easy, she knew exactly what we were looking for.
Adrian Rogers

Cape Breton Sailing School